Davistown and Empire Bay catchments are sub‐catchments of Brisbane Water, which connects to Broken Bay, and are located in the Central Coast Council LGA.


Davistown is relatively flat and stormwater runoff drains discharge to the estuary at multiple locations along the western, southern, and eastern foreshore areas. Pit and piped drainage infrastructure takes the form of many separate branches, each draining to different points on the foreshore. Drainage swales with pipes under driveway crossings are constructed along several streets to convey runoff. The catchment includes two main drainage channels cutting the suburb adjacent to Murna Avenue and behind properties fronting Emora Avenue. The major drainage channel is located west of Davistown Road draining towards a large open area west of Malinya Crescent, then into Lintern Channel. These areas are tidal. Runoff is also conveyed to depressions that are located within the large vegetated marsh areas.


The Empire Bay residential area is low lying with an elevation down to approximately 1.0 m AHD at the foreshore. Pit and piped drainage infrastructure convey stormwater runoff through the main residential areas of Empire Bay and Bensville to the foreshore. Several drainage depressions and natural channels convey runoff from the bushland areas to piped systems crossings Empire Bay Drive.

The study area is shown on the map, with the 1% AEP flood extent shown in orange.

Bong Bong Road June 2016: www.illawarramercury.com.au