The project commenced in February 2019 Council, DPIE and Rhelm staff undertook site inspections to gain an understanding of key catchment features .

Ground survey was undertaken in July 2019 Surveyors collected ground survey of key catchment features not included in the Flood Study. Affected residents and property owners were notified by mail.

Property survey was undertaken in September 2019 Surveyors collected survey of property floor levels and other features to inform the calculation of economic flood damages and to inform the comparison of various flood management options.

Community consultation was undertaken in October 2019. This included the mail out of an information brochure and survey, an online survey and two community information sessions. The objective of the consultation was to identify the communities key flood concerns and suggestions for flood management strategies. The outcomes of the engagement period can be viewed here.

The draft Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan was prepared to assess additional flood risk not covered in the Flood Study (2010), assess various flood mitigation options, and assessment flood planning and emergency response processes. The draft documents make recommendation to manage existing and future flood risk.

Public Exhibition is being undertaken for 6 weeks commencing 20 October 2020. The draft documents are available online and at public libraries for review. Submissions will be considered in the finalisation of the documents.

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